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Prolog Predicate Reference

Built-in predicates Lists module DOM module Random module Statistics module JavaScript module OS module Format module CharsIO module Concurrent module

Built-in predicates

Control Constructs
Term Unification
Clause Creation and Destruction
Clause Retrieval and Information
Term Creation and Decomposition
Term Comparison
Type Testing
Logic and Control
Atom Processing
All Solutions
Arithmetic Evaluation
Arithmetic Comparison
Implementation defined hooks
Input and Output
Stream Selection and Control
Character Input/Output
Byte Input/Output
Term Input/Output
Term and Goal Expansion
Time and Date
Built-in List Operations

Lists module

:- use_module(library(lists)).
List Manipulation
Higher Order

DOM module

:- use_module(library(dom)).
DOM Manipulation

Random module

:- use_module(library(random)).
Random Numbers

Statistics module

:- use_module(library(statistics)).
Statistic Operations

JavaScript module

:- use_module(library(js)).
Invoking JavaScript Functions
AJAX Requests

OS module

:- use_module(library(os)).
Operating System Interaction

Format module

:- use_module(library(format)).
Formatted Write

CharsIO module

:- use_module(library(charsio)).
I/O on Lists of Characters

Concurrent module

:- use_module(library(concurrent)).
Asynchronous execution with futures



Use Prolog code to extract information from a Prolog database.

See example
My little doge
My little doge

Add a playable doge manipulating the DOM with Prolog.

See example
Knight's tour
Knight's tour

Simulate the Knight's tour problem exploring all the paths.

See example

Implementation details

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